Tuesday, April 5, 2011

time travel?

so lets have some fun u can now TIMETRAVEL ONE TIME EACH YEAR, gotta love the year 2022the US govs finally got its shit togther and this is there way of  SAYING sorry for all the messed up things they do daily.(or crazy old dude made a machine in his basement and give it to you for $20 and a pice of chesse) eather way its time to go back into time!!!!!!!!!!

now there are some rules
1 no killing anything, people bugs plants nothing!!!! that means no eating anything that u didnt bring back with u

2 never go to anywhere would u would see yourself or some1who would kno u
3 no stealing or taking anything but pictures and no1 can see your asowme year 2022 phones or shoes etc etc  your ass has gotta dress for where your going
4 never ever ever spawn some kind of evil spacetimetravel baby by fuckign a girl and getting her pergo or on the other hand bringing back caveman or w/e seed and having babbys in 2022

5 if u mess up any of these rules u die when u get back and all your land/cash goes to the gov to pay for wars and schools anykids/wifes are sold in to slavery(so no breaking the rules in the comments now lets have some fun)even your best firends/mates get backhanded by gov henchmen and all there cash in there wallets taken

u fags gotta comment about this i want to hear what u fools would do

go back to 1944 kursk in my spacecaddy that floats and cant been seen and smoke a blunt and watch the germans and russians throw themselves at eachother in the biggest tank/gunfight MANKIND HAS EVER SEEN (make no mastake the russians beat the germans we just helped)

o ya id also pick up eva brown after hitler married her and do nast nasty things with her cus i cant kill him my self saddly then drop her off so hitter can get those sloppy 2nds on his wedding day :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

some funny shit

by far the worst

3rd front to our wars

u kno that it took 3 days before u heard that we where bombing the piss out of libia. really shows you how messed up or tv is that the firday girl can take over the nextworks over our country starting a NEW war. where bombing whole tank collums and no1 knos anythign about it. scares the shit out of me that we can drop a half a billion $ of bombs in a day and no1 cares.